Hi, I'm a web developer.

I'm from Massachusetts but now live in New Hampshire with my wife and 2 children. As a dad, my sense of humor sucks. I'm a big metal fan, but tend to listen to much quieter music now. You will still see me in my favorite Acid Bath t-shirt; I went to a King Diamond show and it was great.

Web development started as a hobby, and then I made it my job after high school. I'm a fan of really ugly designs, but can put together a modern website that looks "nice."

I learn best by making mistakes, so bear with me.

I do these things

  • HTML
  • CSS
    • SCSS
    • Bootstrap
    • Tailwind
  • JS
    • TS
    • Vanilla
    • jQuery
    • React
  • PHP
    • Laravel
  • Ruby
    • Rails

Outside of work things I like

  • Body Modifications
  • Musical instruments
    • Guitar
    • I used to own a bass
    • I used to own a drumset
    • I used to own a trumpet
  • Losing money in the stock (stonk) market
  • Scooters
    • I own a Honda Ruckus
    • One time I tried making a weed wacker bike
  • Video game
  • Woodworking
  • Knitting
  • Sewing

Contact me

Not sure why you'd want to do contact me, but here's my email: