Floating sun
Floating sun

Chris McCullough

Front End Developer


Free articles from subscription news websites?

When you visit your limit of monthly Medium articles the website will yell at you and ask you to subscribe. I do not feel like I would get...

Testing Applications using Selenium and Mocha

Selenium seems to be a major player in the world of automated testing, right next to Nightwatch and PhantomJS. With the DevOps field...

Fetching Data with a Higher Order Component in React

Let us say you are building a sick application in React, and Redux is managing your application’s data. Maybe not Redux, you could also be...


Wordpress React Theme


Theme for Wordpress that uses React and the Wordpress REST API...

Frugal Recipes


Small project I started working on (not finished yet) for /r/frugal and /r/mealplans to post recipes. This site was built with React and Bootstrap, compiled through Webpack and served with Express.js. I also implemented a login system using Reddit's OAuth2 service. There are still a few things that need to be done before launch, so keep in mind that it's a work in progress....

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